What is Human Performance Improvement?

The human performance improvement methodology includes many tools, techniques, and models, which can be applied to achieve improvement objectives. Similar to many continuous improvement methodologies, it follows a step-by-step process: analyzing performance, analyzing root causes, selecting interventions, implementing interventions, managing change, and evaluating and measuring improvement.

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A Six-Step Process

Analyzing Performance

Analyze performance to identify gaps between “what performance should be” and “what it actually is”

Analyzing Root Causes

Analyze root causes to determine what is causing the gap between actual and desired performance

Selecting Interventions

Select acceptable, efficient, and timely strategies free of negative effects to address root causes through a systematic procedure

Implementing Interventions

Implement strategies in ways consistent with desired results to help individuals and groups achieve results

Managing Change

Manage change by monitoring progress, removing barriers to success, and moving the project to conclusion

Evaluating and Measuring Improvement

Evaluate and measure improvement by assessing the impact of change and how well the organization implemented the improvement strategies

Multiple Improvement Strategies

  • Career Development Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Documentation and Standards
  • Ergonomic and Human Factors
  • Feedback Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Human Development Systems
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Instructional Systems
  • Job and Workflow Design and Redesign
  • Labor Relations
  • Management Science
  • Measurement and Evaluations Systems
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Quality Improvement Systems
  • Resource Systems
  • Reward and recognition Systems
  • Selection Systems
    (Rothwell, 2000)

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