Achieving Superior Results Through Human Performance Improvement

Our mission is to influence and guide client organizations in improving organizational performance by providing consulting services that focus on Value Adding Management concepts, tools, and techniques

When should you use Human Performance Improvement?

When organizational performance does not meet desired expectations, human behaviors within the organization must change. Performance “deals with the outcomes, results, and accomplishments achieved” by the people within the organization . . . behavior is a means to that end. Human performance improvement must improve an organization’s bottom-line, while producing measurable results of organizations, work groups, and individuals. The HPI methodology should be considered by those interested in improving how well people perform in organizational settings (Rothwell et al., 2018).

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Why should you use Human Performance Improvement?

Today’s organizations must achieve results to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy. Longterm success demands improved performance that is both demonstrable and measurable. Human performance improvement focuses on identifying improvement opportunities and then proactively working to transform the organization and the behaviors of those who work there.

Benefits of Human Performance Improvement


Focuses on results and accomplishments with secondary emphasis on behaviors to increase customer satisfaction.


Uses a systematic process to discover and analyze important performance gaps.


Guides planning to achieve effective systemic improvements in human performance.


Designs, develops, and implements strategies to close performance gaps with cost-effective and ethically-justifiable interventions.


Provides over 200 different tools to customize the improvement activity to the performance gap.


Evaluates the financial and nonfinancial outcomes to drive bottom line results.


Seeks results valued by workers, management, and the system to sustain improved performance.

Ready to Achieve Superior Results?

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