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Human performance improvement theory embraces a holistic approach for achieving organizational excellence. Rothwell, Hohne, & King (2018) opine that the environment in which workers perform their jobs causes suboptimal performance rather than the individuals who perform the work. Organizations must identify and address a wide range of root causes that influence performance issues rather than the consequences of these problems. Many popular improvement approaches, such as employee training; process improvement; management standards; etc. suggest the need for improvement strategies that can be applied in combination to effectively address the breadth of performance issues. Unfortunately, these can fail to address the wide-range of issues causing poor performance. The human performance improvement methodology is focused “on solving problems or even avoiding problems before they occur” (Rothwell et al., 2018) by pursuing a broader spectrum of interventions.

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HPI prefers an approach grounded in the work of Rothwell et al. (2018). It focuses on results and accomplishments with secondary emphasis on establishing behaviors to increase customer satisfaction. It seeks results valued by workers, management, and the system to sustain improved performance. It uses a systematic process to discover and analyze important performance gaps and then guides planning to achieve effective systemic improvements in human performance. The process designs, develops, and implements strategies that close performance gaps with cost effective and ethically-justifiable interventions selected from over 200 different tools. These interventions are customized to align the improvement activity to the specific performance gap—eliminating a “one size fits all” mentality. Furthermore, it includes the evaluation of financial and non-financial outcomes to drive bottom line results.

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