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Company History

Dr. William and Sue Gordon formed HPI Resources, LLC (HPI) in October 2008 as a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company with its principal office located in New Cumberland, PA.  HPI serves public, non-profit, and private organizations throughout Pennsylvania and neighboring states as a resource for consulting firms, academia, institutes, business associations, and private industry to augment their internal capabilities.  The company is dedicated to “achieving superior results through human performance improvement” by applying human performance improvement theory and value adding management concepts.  Since establishing operations, HPI has engaged directly and collaborated with other firms serving clients in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, healthcare, and government to provide expertise in quality engineering, data analytics, strategic planning, and marketing research services. 

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Client organizations and prime contractors consider HPI Resources to be their first choice when seeking assistance in the pursuit of excellence.

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To influence and guide client organizations in improving organizational performance by providing consulting services that focus on Value Adding Management concepts, tools, and techniques

Organization Imperatives

Both public and private sector organizations, and in particular our clients, operate throughout the world. They demand honesty, integrity, and performance in everything we do.

Our services, which are built on a foundation of Human Performance Improvement Theory and Value Adding Management Principles, must exceed the performance of comparative organizations and the expectations of our clients. We continuously strive to identify, adapt, and offer state-of-the-art tools and techniques that offer real value to our customers.

We acknowledge continuous improvement to be part of our commitment to ourselves, our organization, and, most of all, to the clients who we serve. We must lead by example and use the Malcolm Baldrige criteria as the road map on our journey to excellence.

Organization Values

Respect. We realize that exceptional quality begins with the people in our resource network. We treat each other with respect and dignity, and value individual and cultural differences. We give these individuals the freedom to use their talents to the fullest to satisfy our customers.

Service. Service to our clients and fellow associates comes first. Without customers who seek out and use our services, we will not exist. We build enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and serve them better by continuously improving our service to them each time we are given the opportunity.

Learning. Our environment supports personal growth and life long learning for all our people. We value innovation in a culture that embraces creativity. We encourage different perspectives and the pursuit of new opportunities that often present themselves as problems from our clients. By responding promptly with innovative ideas, we help them overcome these challenges.

Commitment. Our network of practitioners prides itself on providing quality service and meeting commitments to each other, to suppliers, and most of all to our clients. In doing so, we continuously strive to be responsive to changing demands, while performing our work accurately and in a timely manner. Only then can we meet all our obligations to our stakeholders.

Teamwork. We measure the success of the individual by the success of the team. We are a network of people who must work as one in order to delight our clients. This means working together to fulfill our customers changing requirements. We share information and experiences to better prepare ourselves to meet the challenges of being change agents within both the public and private sectors.

Integrity. We must be honest, truthful, and ethical in all our daily activities. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. Integrity is the key to our long-term effectiveness and our ability to influence others. We expect it from our people, our clients, our suppliers, and our partners.

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